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Peel Health Campus is a private hospital providing some public and private medical services to people of the Peel region. In recent months it has spent a huge amount of money on PR campaigns such as the one above, plastered all over the Transperth train network starting in October 2012. Local newspapers are full of stories singing praises to this wonderful institution.

But they’re not pulling the wool over my eyes. My wife and I have been right in the middle of two cases of clinical iatrogenesis at Peel Health Campus (PHC), both of which were traumatic, and we know they were the results of fundamental issues in management and funding.

Others have been even closer to the action, and we have heard many horror stories. Recently, the Chief Operating Officer at PHC, Ashton Foley, took the courage to blow the whistle against this hospital, resigning from her position. She has beenĀ harassedĀ as an attempt to shut her up, but the resulting enquiry has revealed some shocking information:

Peel Health Campus scandal

We have nothing against the staff of this hospital, although many need to stay more up-to-date with current medical knowledge. It is the management and economic model that are at fault here, and give us reason to mistrust the services provided by PHC.

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