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One reason I dislike iPads

One reason I dislike iPads


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Actually let me comment before I get flamed for being ignorant. The real way to add attachments to an email on iPad is to first open the app that opens the file you want to attach, then “share” the file by email. This makes two assumptions:

  1. You have an app that can open this file type
  2. This app knows how to share the file through email

If either of these assumptions is violated, you’re out of luck: you cannot attach that file to your email.

So what if I want to share a non-standard file type, like a password manager database created on my Linux machine, and there are no iPad apps that can open it? Or what if my PDF reader was written by ignorant coders who didn’t include a “share” button?

Too bad, welcome to the non-productive, all-entertainment world of Apple mobile devices!

and while I’m at it, let me share two more things that completely infuriate me: typing in any sort of online text editor is an absolute joke, with jumping cursors and buggy selections galore; and WHY ARE THERE NO DIRECTIONAL ARROWS ON THE VIRTUAL KEYBOARD???

Oh wait I get it…. I’m supposed to buy a Bluetooth keyboard, right?

FAIL, Apple, FAIL!!!



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