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Made in China

I live in Australia. Today, the 21st of May 2013, I am sitting in bed typing this blog entry on an iPad which I reluctantly purchased for my job (at my employer’s expense mind you!), and which is made in China. I am surrounded by furniture, clothes, books, electronics and perishables that are all made in China or Bengladesh.

No, this is not one of these I-wonder-what-life-would-be-like-without-X type of blog entry. T’is no fantasy, no mere chimeric musing, but a protest, a revolt, a mutiny!

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Connecting people

It’s been a few months now since I’ve read Peter Block and John McKnight’s book “The abundant community”, and I’ve been discussing their ideas with Anne-Marie and with friends ever since. Every day I find reasons to think about these concepts, to discover ways to apply them. As a friend recently told me, I should write a blog entry about it, because it’s quite exciting.

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