Why should I be thankful for Steve Jobs?

06 Oct

Steve Jobs is dead. I’m genuinely sad about that, particularly for his surviving family, but I’m not overwhelmed with sorrow, neither do I think that Mister Jobs would have expected me to.

I’ve been reading many eulogies on various blogs and social media sites, with people pouring out their hearts in thanksgiving, calling him a hero, a role-model, a father figure. Some are even suggesting that he has been immediately ushered into heaven. This puzzles and troubles me

As much as I agree that he was exceptional in his field, very charismatic and even visionary, I know nothing of his private life, nor can I estimate how much his life has impacted on the world for good ( or bad). I tend to judge people based on my opinion of their moral character (which requires a fair bit of information to which I’m rarely privy), not on the amount of money they earn, their public notoriety or the fantastic gadgets they allow me to get my hands and spend my money on.

Incidentally, I have never owned a single Apple product in my life, nor do I feel inclined to join the crowds of fanboys and other aficionados who rave only by them and whose life would feel empty and meaningless without them. I am opposed to the concept of manufactured needs, which I understand is the specialty of Apple, the corporation.

My view is that the world needs the contributions of people like Gordon Hinckley, Sir Ken Robinson and the Dalai Lama, more than it needs those given by Steve Jobs through Apple. I’m sure some will vehemently disagree with me. Being confused between what really matters and what is trivial is a lamentable hallmark of our culture.

This being said, all my condolences go to Mister Jobs’ family, and I hope that the media’s oppressive scrutiny will not interfere too much with their grief.

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One response to “Why should I be thankful for Steve Jobs?

  1. morningstarrambles

    October 14, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    I feel the same. Someone made a snotty comment about who made a bigger difference in the world – Steve Jobs or Joseph Smith. Can you even measure what the Gospel has done for people? Yes, computers are neat, but our relationship with Heavenly Father is the most important thing. I don’t use a computer to pray.


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