Losing my religion

13 May

My parents taught me about God, Jesus Christ and the purpose of life. I believed everything they taught me. Then, about 6 years ago, they split up, got divorced, and moved away from the beliefs they had taught my brothers, my sister and I.

These events were difficult to accept. I felt, mostly on a sub-conscious level, that I was being betrayed. I felt like my parents were denying me by denying the beliefs they had taught me. It took me a few years to get over that feeling, and to realise that they were going through periods of doubt, blame and confusion, and that their rejection of their religion had strictly nothing to do with me.

Today I had a long chat with Papa, partly on the subject of religion and faith. I had previously written him a letter (for Christmas), in which I had expressed my desire to approach these topics in an open, frank discussion. To my great joy he agreed to explain his current feelings. I won’t discuss them here, because it’s too personal and I wouldn’t like to disrespect his privacy. However, I would like to discuss the issue that came up during the discussion.

When you remove all the organised religion, all the rituals, all the icons and idols, the bells and smells; what is left is a big question, upon which everything hangs:

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?

The question extends into the following:

– Did Jesus Christ really create the earth and countless others like it?
– Was Jesus really a perfect man, who lived a perfect life and taught perfect teachings?
– Did Jesus really speak the words and do the works of the Father?
– Did Jesus really atone for our sins?
– Did Jesus really rise again on the third day, in immortality, thus breaking the bands of death so that we could all live again in perfected bodies like his?

Anyone who just says “who cares?” doesn’t understand the implications of these questions.

Others who have doubts about the answers need to find out, right now. Nothing else is more important, not even knowing whether or not God lives: if Jesus is the Son of God, then it logically follows that God lives.

All I can say is that I know that the answer to each of these questions is a resounding YES! I know without any doubt. Nothing could ever force me to deny this knowledge. I consider this knowledge more precious than anything in the world, and I am more anxious to share it than to do anything else. I say these things independently of anyone or of anything: they are my own words, representing my deepest convictions. I have chosen to believe these things because they are true, and because I am willing to live by them.

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